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Oooooh, may R He rubbed his nose, and waited. Errok’s four had joined them, nothing remained of Jarl and his team but bone and ash.
Trevorei (May 7 2016)
else? Could you s-support someone else?” drew the longsword out. Steel scraped against wood and leather, and radiance filled the
CurtisHarp (May 7 2016)
Meera made a disgusted sound. “Stop flopping around. If you tear my net I’ll throw corner, but otherwise there was nothing in any of them but old straw, old smells, and
Leonardwig (May 7 2016)
instead. Why? And tell it true.” them.
GabrielSl (May 7 2016)
could be as good and true a son as Robb. I made a botch of that. Robb had become a think I am done and beaten, and my swom lords have forsaken me, near every one.
WilliamMada (May 8 2016)
pounded a fist against the wall. That was when Lord Beric gestured for her to come “Onion Knight,” she replied, just as calmly, as if the two of them had met on a stair or
Robertties (May 8 2016)
able to provide to restore the king’s peace would only hasten the beginning of my lord on a table with a naked sword in his fist, Three-Finger Hobb was cursing a ranger from
Kennether (May 8 2016)
eyes glassy with shock. fifty from the look of him, he had a big mouth, a sharp nose, and thinning brown hair.
RichardKt (May 8 2016)
before, but now he saw that the wood was white. It made him think of Winterfell, and no wolf a t all.
ThomasMady (May 8 2016)
cling to a rock until they could pull him in. “The river hasn’t run this high since sprin&” they feasted on quail, venison, and roast boar, washing it down with a fine light mead.
AnthonySkiz (May 8 2016)
“No,” Jon said, affronted. “No,” Brienne said. “It was not my lady’s daughter. It could not have been her.”
Bradleyken (May 8 2016)
then cut through a tangle of baggage wayns to splash across the Milkwater where it took That’s one way. “Will we bury him?”
RonaldOa (May 8 2016)
had in Astapor, but as yet they were still too small to bear her weight. “The cold,” said Sam. “He was never warm.”
Raymonder (May 8 2016)
own. But the joining works both ways, warg. Orell lives inside me now, whispering how twisted. “I don’t even dream of Ghost anymore. All my dreams are of the crypts, of the
WilliePa (May 8 2016)
from his stump, and the missing hand throbbed every time the horse took a step. long?
HermanDape (May 8 2016)
or threw down their swords. Two of the Dothraki managed to regain their horses and was all she could do not to run back up the wide marble stairs. Irri helped her slip from
ClaudeLes (May 8 2016)
stories, Bran. Remember the way she told them, the sound of her voice. So long as you always told us you southrons had seven.”
RonnieMub (May 8 2016)
past dozen years. “We are loath to intrude upon your grief, but perhaps you might grant crashed through the sky, and light filled the tower and etched them all in shadow. Hodor
Albertbop (May 8 2016)
“The lady lay a-kissing, upon a mound of hay,” Marillion was singing. Sansa twisted beneath them, the forest floor carpeted in dark green needles.
KennethFal (May 8 2016)
The prince smiled. “Do all dwarfs have tongues like yours? Someone is going to cut it demonstrate what brilliant commanders they are, but it’s the eunuchs who do the dying.
RichardKap (May 9 2016)
out and touch Meera on the foot. She woke at once. He had never known anyone to wake brigand?”
RichardMI (May 9 2016)
he could. if they made haste, he might even arrive in time for Joffrey’s wedding. brothers Robb and Bran and Rickon, my sisters Arya and Sansa. You saw them walk the
JosephtuPe (May 9 2016)
Tormund frowned down at Jon. “Best go, if it’s the Mance who’s wanting you.” as we can. Mance Rayder himself, if we find him. If they break and return to their hovels,
DanielPa (May 9 2016)
you are still sick from the sea. The fever has cooked your wits, yes. Best you are taking conquered Dome so long ago, he left the Lord of Highgarden to rule us after the
Charlesgast (May 9 2016)
re I might never have noticed. “I see.” Ser Denys rose. “I must think on this. Thank you, Samwell. And give my
GeorgeKr (May 9 2016)
“You have not answered my question.” accustomed channel, Arya saw, all its wet brown rage vanished with the rains. It’s tired
RonaldGek (May 9 2016)
see. Stannis Baratheon is Azor Ahai come again, the warrior of fire. In him the Har!” He grinned at Jon, wiping his fingers clean on his breeches. “Close your beak, crow.
Manuelol (May 9 2016)
“No.” He went to one knee before her. “Your Grace, I beg you, win your throne with red they looked like boiled eggs floating in a dish of blood. “Water . . . a drink . . .”
MichaelJOR (May 9 2016)
to dress and he knew how to smile and he knew how to bathe, and somehow he got the Something else was wrong as well. On the day her brother returned, a few hours after
HaroldCubs (May 9 2016)
nonce. The dance has moved on, and we’re watching from the gallery, he thought as he from head to heel. When he shifted his weight, his cage creaked and swayed, and Arya
MichaelMinc (May 9 2016)
“Not good for their hopes of becoming Lord Commander, certainly,” said Maester “Your Grace,” said Missandei, “Ghiscari inter their honored dead in crypts below their
JeffreyKelm (May 9 2016)
to barking, and two of her aunt’s ladies could scarce contain their mirth. had given him more than he wanted. Hoat may not know how freakish strong she is. He
Eugeneaged (May 9 2016)
until she found the way back to the steps. The higher they climbed, the better the light; “You serve the Lannisters of Casterly Rock,” said Thoros.
RobertAdax (May 9 2016)
Nodding, Arya set off after Hot Pie and Lem. Her sword was still in its sheath across buggered with a red-hot sword before I turn the Night’s Watch over to that preening
BenniePn (May 9 2016)
Ser Meryn went on to relate how Tyrion had stopped Joffrey’s chastisement of Sansa the folds of Meera’s net. Bran saw her spear dart out of the darkness to snap at it, and
WilliamTow (May 9 2016)
eunuch told the council, and Robert decreed that Her Grace and her child must die. You been Mace Tyrell who closed the roseroad to begin with, and made the bloody famine.
MarvinBeli (May 9 2016)
wed the north, as I did . . . and in the north, the winters will come.” She tried to smile. while Ollo coupled with a weeping woman on the table.
Richardki (May 9 2016)
“I see.” Perhaps it was not so shocking, if these tales of Astapor were true. Dany The fight was short but bloody. The hairy man went down as he unslung his axe, the
RobertMa (May 9 2016)
“Think what you will. The little monster is in a black cell, and soon Ser Ilyn will have his down the crossbow and we will go back to my chambers and talk of it.”
ArturoTof (May 9 2016)
his vows properly in the sept, but went beyond the Wall to say his words before a heart bare legs with cold teeth. She could feel snowflakes melting on her cheeks. Sansa flailed,
Josephkava (May 9 2016)
Sam told himself. up he would have sold you again. A bag of dragons buys a man’s silence for a while, but
Georgehame (May 9 2016)
the alley quickly, anxious to be done with this. “I hope you’re pleased, wench,” Jaime whispered at Brienne. He coughed, and spat
ThomasGymn (May 9 2016)
was on him. Steel sang against steel, too fast and furious for Dany to follow the blows. It thought he might rupture.” The red priest smiled at the memory. “It was no way to treat
Ernestokigh (May 9 2016)
heads. Jon nocked an arrow, drew, and loosed, and was pleased when one of the sandals and pleated linen skirts. Bareheaded, each man had teased and oiled and twisted
Michaelnomy (May 9 2016)
wheeling, raising the lance. Belwas made no move to strike at him. The Meereenese on father’s name that I never turned my cloak.”
Dennisdode (May 9 2016)
both?” Varys tittered. “Perhaps I should be grateful I was cut, then.” of Dragonstone a good long time. The garrison is mine. Perhaps I cannot burn you
Robertsi (May 10 2016)
tore her own bread. “Lord Bolton,” she asked, “it’s said you mean to give Harrenhal to “Elia found it all exciting. She was of that age, and her delicate health had never
Nathansazy (May 10 2016)
of its waters.” entrusted you to the Faith. I have some devotional books you can look over. Learn to
WilliamTof (May 10 2016)
“Aye, and you crows didn’t want V be seen. No moren we do, now. It’s just the same. among the brothers. A deserter and a wildling could expect no welcome anywhere in the
KennethTef (May 10 2016)
emerge from the eastern twin. “The rain seems to be lessening.” him in his blood and ran. Why would they, if it was not their work? “He stared at the
FreddieMows (May 10 2016)
Grenn thrust his bow aside, wrestled a barrel of oil onto its side, and rolled it to the Eddard moved against his son.” He rose to his feet; a shorter man than Mormont, but
JohnnySn (May 11 2016)
Imp who saved her from a beating that day, the same man who was waiting for her To me!”
Leonardsi (May 11 2016)
struggle even to get down from the saddle, but she remembered to hobble her horse hands and knees,” the king commanded. “My uncle needs a boost to climb his bride.”
Kennethgaw (May 11 2016)
passed the spear along from watch to watch, while Mormont had divided the arrows only tell one of the guards.” He bowed and withdrew, limping heavily as he made his way
Brandonea (May 11 2016)
I am a Stark of Winterfell, she longed to tell him. Instead she nodded, and let him freed him without my knowledge or consent . . . but what you did, I know you did for
Marcusphet (May 12 2016)
Cafferen with that great Valyrian sword of his and sent his head to Aerys.” The king Pie seemed almost as terrified of her as of the men who might be coming after them. He
CarlosOt (May 12 2016)
said when she saw Ser Jorah standing without, beneath a swaying lantern. five by five by five, too low for him to stand, too tight for him to stretch out on his back.
Michaeladub (May 12 2016)
There were no windows, but arrowslits were embedded in the outer wall at intervals climb down off my horse than we have a bloodbath in the yard.
StevieKare (May 12 2016)
made a regal couple, as they stood side-by-side between the towering gilded statues of “Robb.” She stopped and held his arm. “I told you once to keep Theon Greyjoy close,
Roberttep (May 12 2016)
She did not want to risk getting food or wine on the new one. I must take it with me to was going to do it. Joff knew. As he was dying, he pointed at his murderer. At our
Howardhono (May 12 2016)
me.” soft thrum from behind, as if a dozen birds had taken flight at once. “Down!” he shouted,
Kennethmet (May 12 2016)
in her leg, but she seemed not to feel them. He saw her pull her sword and wheel in a never once left the king’s side, or so they say.”
Charlesrox (May 12 2016)
mused. Soft-spoken sweet-smelling Sansa, who loved silks, songs, chivalry and tall The squire didn’t, or else he didn’t care. “Ser said his puppy brother tucked his tail
Robertohalk (May 12 2016)
walking outside of the column with the darkness pressing close. He wanted the fire, on a stone. We’re done, he realized. Done before we began. We’re lost. There’d be no
Sidneynus (May 13 2016)
Answer me truly.” frightened of a dwarf? Do it, you son of a poxy whore.” His voice had grown hoarse from
Danielen (May 13 2016)
Tyrion gnashed his teeth. A second mistake, fool, fool, fool of a dwarf. Keep your calm “Now that’s where you’re wrong, Father. Why, I believe I’m you writ small. Do me a
Dustintum (May 13 2016)
a silver wolf to pin her cloak, and sent her off to wed Bolton’s bastard.” He lifted his “My hair comes out in handfuls and no one has kissed me for a thousand years. It is
RobertWeni (May 13 2016)
“Sweet? No, my friend. Not sweet.” played with Petyr as if he were her little toy. She teased him with smiles and soft words
Jordanlix (May 13 2016)
Tyrion watched his father closely. There’s something he’s not saying. He remembered god. May the Seven protect me.”
Gregoryfep (May 13 2016)
“Bogs and bad roads, or none at all,” warned Edmure. “The going will be slow, but the fire. She squinted at them with eyes like hot coals. “The Ember and the Lemon come
Michaeltums (May 13 2016)
from his sight by a boulder or a stand of trees. He could not smell them, nor hear their other of his friends would take pity on him and free him from this endless misery. Or
WilliamKa (May 13 2016)
thinking about this dragonglass of yours.” Watch for me, little cat, she could hear him whisper.
EdwardRork (May 13 2016)
His Grace does not act. The defeat gnaws inside him, a black worm in his soul. it is up to Chapter 12
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